Premier Academy

Nurturing Talent - Inspiring Lives

We have spent a significant amount of time in recent months researching into the proposition of creating an exclusive, multi-sport programme to offer to gifted and talented children who are excelling in sport and physical activity.

Although there's absolutely no evidence to suggest children should specialise in a sport before the age of 14, almost every elite development programme promotes doing so - except Premier Sport Academy.

When you digest the facts of football players progressing through the performance pyramid, as a coach or a parent you have to question why so many children are pushed into playing the sport...

1% of children progress from a grass root club into an elite environment or an academy. Thereafter, only 1% of these individuals make it onto being a professional footballer. As you'll have already calculated, this means when you start playing football, you've got less than a 0.1% chance of turning pro - that's why most who play and specialise end up dropping out of the sport before 13... 75% of them in fact.

That's why we've developed Premier Academy. We aim to nurture and develop talent - not select it. Premier Academy is an elite, exclusive multi-sport programme which enables gifted and talented children to excel in different sports.

We'd love to invite you and your child to speak with us about how we can develop their sporting ability by enrolling onto our elite programme.