A complete service...

We provide a complete wrap-around service to schools, pupils and parents. Programmes such as INSPIRE to Achieve is the ‘vehicle’ to develop the child in terms of social skills, behaviour, attitude, respect and emotional wellbeing.

We work flexibly with schools to help them achieve their goals and make a significant contribution in terms of values, ethos and standards. All professionals who deliver sessions outside of school hours, ensure participants have a rewarding, fun experience.

Our OSHL programmes have proven to improve classroom behaviour, stimulate academic performance and improve attendance.  We also provide parents with feedback at end of each of block of activity. This reporting highlights the learning outcomes and progress of the child.

Our professionals deliver breakfast, lunchtime, afterschool and holiday programmes in over 50 different activities. And as our staff are specialists, you can be safe in the knowledge that your pupil will be getting the best possible delivery.

PLAY Active

PLAY Active is an example of one of the programmes we offer to schools. Many children believe themselves to be ‘un-sporty’ or because they feel alienated by activities which are focused on win/loose scenarios.

PLAY Active sessions encourage fun-based physical activity rather than traditional sports. As an extra-curricular programme it can run at any time during the school day –before school, during lunch breaks or as an after school club- and a typical session will last around 60 minutes.

The aim of PLAY Active is to encourage non-sporty children to get physically active through structured activities. By placing the emphasis in inclusion rather than sport skills and techniques, children are encouraged to have fun. This in turn improves social skills, self esteem, balance, co-ordination and physical wellbeing.

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